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We’ve updated ourselves!

It was a brave foray into the world of social media, but on reflection we think Facebook and Twitter do all that we need. So, the OD Club website has been scaled back into purely a source of OD information.

Here’s what’s new:

  • OD Members site: this has been closed down and all social conversations can be held on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Old Dovorian newsletter: all current OD members have been transferred to our newsletter mailing list, which is handled by Mailchimp. You can subscribe here, or unsubscribe when you receive the next newsletter. (If you are not sure, you can try subscribing again with your usual email address, and it will tell you.)
  • OD Rules and OD Accounts can now be requested from us via forms on the OD Information menu tab (where you can also find committee and policy information).
  • Find An Old Dovorian: if you are looking for an old school chum, use the form under the OD Information menu tab and the OD administrator will do their best to track them down and pass on your request.
  • Obituaries and stories: these have been archived for now, but will be reinstated in due course.
  • Photos: these have been archived and will be added to Facebook in due course.

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