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Life Vice Presidents of the Old Dovorian Club

  • C.R.Bailey Esq. VP (Martins 1961-65)
  • H.W. Blackett Esq. VP (Headmaster 1997- 2004)
  • N.J. Brodrick Esq. VP (Head of Junior School 1986)
  • A.J.C. Bunting Esq. VP (School 1960-65)
  • D. R.Cope Esq. VP (Headmaster 1973-81)
  • L.G.Cruickshank Esq. VP (Staff 1975-92)
  • C.E.J. Dowrick Esq. VIP (Staff 1960-89)
  • P.Y.Dudgeon Esq. VP (Staff 1970-80)
  • G.L.Eccleshall Esq. VP (Martins 1930-35)
  • R.D.S. Foxwell Esq. VP (School 1961-66)
  • Dr R.B. Guthrie Esq. VP (Staff 1979-90)
  • Mrs R.Guthrie VP
  • C.P. Hare Esq. VP (School 1961-1966)
  • Group Captain M.V.P.H. Harrington (Martins 1950-54)
  • J.A. Higginbotham VP (School 1940-45)
  • J. Ind Esq. VP (Headmaster 1981-91)
  • Mrs J. Ind VP
  • S.C.I. Jones Esq. VP (Headmaster 2004 -2011)
  • G.D. Kitiyakara Esq. VP (School 1962-67)
  • D.M. Longley Esq. VP (Former Governor)
  • G.E. Matthews Esq. VP (Staff 1955-86)
  • G. Nickalls Esq. VP ( Martins 1944-47)
  • Mrs J Tuckwell VP (Staff 1956-76)
  • A.B. Walker Esq. VP (Staff 1962-86)
  • M.P.G. Wright Esq. VP (Headmaster 1991-1997)

Note (1) The Vice Presidents above are as on the web site at 17 January 2014 and do not include new Vice-Presidents from the 2013 and 2014 AGMs, namely Nick Lockhart, Penny Matthews, and John Widgery who should be added together with their years at the College / connection with the College / Old Dovorian Club.

Note (2) Vice Presidents G.L. Eccleshall and G.E. Matthews should  be moved to the list of deceased Vice-Presidents below.

The following Vice Presidents are known to be deceased:

H.M.I. Bax Esq. VP (Staff 1971-78)
S.L.Baxter Esq. VP (Staff 1936-47)
J.F.A. Beckett Esq. VP (Staff 1963-1992)
Colonel Coats Esq. VP (School 1930-34)
T.H.Cobb Esq. VP (Headmaster 1958-1973)
P.Johnson Esq. VP (Former Chairman of Governors)
Mrs Renwick VP
A.M. Ross-Smith Esq. VP (Leamington 1920-23)
R.H.S.Rottenbury Esq. VP (Head of Junior School 1957-86)
Rev D.W.A. Stride Esq VP (Staff)
N.E. Tuckwell Esq. VP (Staff 1946-81)
J.H.Turnpenny Esq. VP (Crescent 1937-41) (Former Chairman of Governors)
E.L.Wright Esq. VP (Staff 1946-81)

[This list does not included Vice Presidents who died prior to 1992.]