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Visiting the College

The College warmly welcomes members of the OD Club to the College both during term time and the holidays to visit. However, the OD Club recognises that the College has to adhere to legislation in terms of Child Protection and Safeguarding.

As with every other visitor to the College, OD Club members will need to follow the College’s procedures of signing in, registering cars parked on campus and, during term time, being accompanied around the College by a member of staff. Any visitor to the College is expected to behave appropriately in accordance with College policies and the law. This requirement is for both individual visits and for any planned group event.

Advance warning of any proposed visit would be welcome as this would enable the College to ensure a member of staff is available for the visit. The College can be contacted on 01304 244501 or andersonk@dovercollege.org.uk. Any visitor is required, upon entering College, to report to Priory Lodge, located in the old tuck shop.